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What We Offer: Banks

Go straight to the source with QwickRate.

ICBA Preferred Service Provider More than 3,000 institutions count on QwickRate as their trusted, nationwide funding and investing source. We connect institutional buyers and sellers directly to help maximize net interest margins while our automated make the entire process quick, easy and straightforward. The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) has selected QwickRate as a Preferred Service Provider, recognizing our marketplace as a valuable liquidity option for their members.

National, non-brokered CD deposits

  • Get the best rates for your bank with direct national access through our premier online marketplace.
  • QwickRate meets the FDIC staff's definition of a non-brokered Direct Deposit CD listing service as addressed in the FDIC staff opinion on QwickRate deposits. Read more .

Objective, on demand QwickAnalytics™

  • Gauge performance and manage risk in just a few clicks.
  • QwickAnalytics does all of the finding, crunching and formatting of the numbers – so you can spend your time evaluating and planning.
  • Bank & Peer Performance – assess your bank’s financial performance compared to UBPR or custom peer groups. Get a concise Reg F Snapshot or a Side by Side Competitive Analysis of your bank and up to 11 of your closest peers and competition. Great (and efficient) way to keep management, directors and shareholders informed.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Credit Stress Test scenario-based analysis is fully automated and goes beyond the basics to help you pass regulator scrutiny and better manage risk. Also includes Basel III Capital Planning Tool to help you easily determine the capital you’ll need based on your stress test results.

Expert service and regulatory guidance

  • Unlimited support from our knowledgeable and highly-responsive team.
  • Customers give us a 98% satisfaction rating.
  • We’re “on the job” for your bank, meeting proactively with examiners and regulators and keeping you informed so you make the right decisions. .

Automated QwickTools

  • Easy-to-use tools put you in control and speed the entire process.
  • Use to determine rate position, automate maturities, and perform analysis and reporting.
  • Unique eContact offer and acceptance feature eliminates paper, phone calls and faxes.

To put QwickRate to work for your bank, .

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