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There’s a team of expert professionals at QwickRate who are totally committed to helping our customers make the most of all our products. Together, they bring you more than 200 years of experience spent working closely with customers, understanding the business inside and out, and developing solutions that help bring optimum value. Get to know some awesome people.

QwickRate Shawn O'Brien

Shawn O'Brien


As president of QwickRate, Shawn O’Brien continues to enhance the delivery of non-brokered funding through QwickRate’s CD Marketplace, while also bringing new offerings to its more than 3,000 institutional subscribers. These newer products and services set industry standards for providing time-saving performance and ease of use to financial institutions: QwickAnalytics® for bank research, analysis and regulatory tools; and IntelliCredit for game-changing loan review and credit intelligence solutions. Shawn currently serves on the board of directors of the National Bank of St. Anne, an Illinois community bank. He holds a B.A. in Business degree from the University of Notre Dame.


QwickRate Pam Sarubbi

Pam Sarubbi

Senior Account Executive

A valued QwickRate associate since 2001, Pam is an instrumental member of our sales team. She is dedicated to helping our bank members realize optimal benefits from their subscriptions and successfully meet their liquidity and investing needs. Prior to joining QwickRate, Pam served for seven years as a sales executive, consulting with utility companies across the Southeast. She attended Kennesaw State University, majoring in information systems. A native of Allen Park, Michigan, Pam has lived in the Atlanta area for more than 30 years.

QwickRate Ricki Dagosta

Ricki Dagosta

Senior Account Executive

After five years in the banking industry, Ricki joined QwickRate in 1990. She began working exclusively with community banks to help them solve their liquidity needs through the non-brokered funding available in our nationwide CD Marketplace. In 1993 she transferred her experience as a customer service representative into the sales arena, concentrating on the community banking market. Today, public speaking is included in Ricki's job description as senior account executive. Bringing her award-winning Toastmasters talent, she has spoken at numerous state bank association events. Ricki also coordinates QwickRate's appearances at trade shows and other conferences.

QwickRate Melissa Wallace

Melissa Wallace

Senior Account Executive

Melissa was hired to fill the relationship manager role at QwickRate in June of 2001. Since that time, she has become a key member of the sales department, where she focuses on helping community banks realize the many benefits that QwickRate offers them. In this role, Melissa has presented numerous workshops on alternative funding for industry groups and state associations. She has also been a featured speaker at the Financial Managers Society (FMS) Accounting Forum. Prior to joining QwickRate, Melissa spent three years with IBM as a business analyst. She graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree.

QwickRate David Suri

David Suri

Senior Account Executive

David joined QwickRate in February of 2006 to consult with credit unions on optimizing the value and profitability available to them through our non-brokered CD Marketplace. He also assists credit unions in analyzing and calculating their allowances for losses in accordance with the CECL methodology. Regularly attending trade shows throughout the United States, he meets personally with attendees. David also conducts educational webinars and consults with credit unions on their CD investing and funding strategies. David graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Born in Heidenheim, Germany, he has resided in Georgia for over 30 years.

QwickRate Jason Heinrich

Jason Heinrich

Senior Account Executive

Jason was hired in 2010 as a core member of our QwickRate customer service team, helping CD Marketplace customers to receive optimal value from their subscriptions. In 2016, he transitioned to the sales team with the goal of assisting credit unions to realize maximum benefits from their CD investing and funding opportunities. Jason also helps CECLSolver customers in analyzing and estimating their reserves for losses and participates regularly in our CECL & Coffee Talk Q&A Sessions. No stranger to helping others succeed, Jason previously served as a consultant to restauranteurs engaged in startup ventures. He is a graduate of Georgia Southern, where he received a B.S. degree in applied mathematics with a concentration in statistical analyses and business maximization.

QwickRate Jane Kelley

Jane Kelley

Public Funds Coordinator

A valued member of the QwickRate team since 2003, Jane Kelley first made her mark in customer service. Her work as an attentive liaison to QwickRate members provided an ideal foundation for her present role as public funds coordinator, which she assumed in July 2007. Each day, Jane consults with community banks to help them diversify their funding options with alternative sources, including public funds and DTC deposits, which are available outside the non-brokered marketplace. Prior to joining QwickRate, Jane’s career experience included accounting, purchasing, materials coordination and sales management.

Customer Service

QwickRate Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

Customer Service Manager

Since joining QwickRate in 1998, Jennifer has been exclusively dedicated to building and leading the company’s customer service department. Under Jennifer’s direction, QwickRate has earned an enviable reputation for providing its subscribers with superior support and regulatory guidance. She and her team take great pride in the company’s 98% customer satisfaction rating and 97% subscription renewal rate, which are both testaments to the quality of service QwickRate delivers. As part of her responsibilities, Jennifer is heavily involved with enhancements to the CD Marketplace and its industry-leading QwickTools, all centered on the goal of making the process of direct funding and investing as automated and streamlined as possible for QwickRate subscribers.

QwickRate Page Lively

Page Lively

Customer Renewal Manager

Overseeing, managing and renewing subscriptions for approximately 3,000 customer accounts is no small task, yet it’s one that Page Lively manages with expert efficiency and personal attentiveness. She continually interfaces with financial institutions throughout the United States, consulting with QwickRate customers concerning their liquidity and investing needs and providing instruction on how they can receive the best value from QwickRate’s nationwide CD Marketplace. Page’s expertise in renewals provides an excellent bridge to the activities she performs in the areas of customer support and sales. Her contributions, along with the high marks QwickRate receives for product and customer-support satisfaction, account for its exceptional subscriber renewal rate of over 97%.

QwickRate Zoe Osborn

Zoe Osborn

Customer Support Specialist

Helping both customers and prospects address their needs via the QwickRate CD Marketplace is a talent that has come naturally to Zoe. Uniquely, she has been a core member of our customer service and sales teams, providing the highest levels of support to our subscribers and ensuring that new customers received maximum value from their QwickRate relationship. Now a customer support specialist, Zoe again brings the benefits of her customer service experience, product knowledge and industry expertise to both current and prospective subscribers. Prior to joining QwickRate, she spent nine years at Rare Hospitality International, three as a manager educating and training staff in the organization’s quality performance standards. The guidance she provided employees led to two regional contest wins for her team. Zoe has lived in Georgia for 27 years, and attended the Art Institute of Atlanta where she majored in graphic design.

QwickRate Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker

Director of Regulatory and Compliance

Debbie joined QwickRate in 1988. At that time the “banking crisis” was in full swing and the industry was just beginning to undergo a period of regulatory restructuring. Her interest in the regulatory issues and their potential effects on both QwickRate and the national CD market, led her to begin communicating with the agencies in an effort to further understand the effects that ongoing changes have on a financial institution’s national market activity. She meets periodically with regulatory agencies and has conducted a series of conferences with various state and national field examiners. Debbie is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance. Read more

QwickRate Andrea Krokey

Andrea Krokey

Customer Support Specialist

Since coming to QwickRate in 2004, Andrea has demonstrated an impressive ability to blend technical knowledge with a sincere willingness to ensure that our customers receive the friendliest, most professional support in the industry. She has a deep appreciation for the relationships that community financial institutions form with their own customers, and replicates those interactions in her supportive consulting and problem solving. QwickRate subscribers, and our company as a whole, are well served by her dedication.

Credit Specialists

IntelliCredit David Ruffin

David Ruffin

Principal, IntelliCredit™

David’s extensive experience in the financial industry includes a long and pronounced emphasis on credit risk in a variety of roles that range from bank lender and senior credit officer to co-founder of the successful Credit Risk Management, LLC consultancy and professor at several banking schools. A prolific publisher of credit-focused articles, he is a frequent speaker at trade association forums, where he shares insights gained helping lending institutions evaluate credit risk—in both its traditional, transactional form as well as the risk associated with portfolios based on a more emergent macro strategy. David is an expert in assessing all aspects of the credit process and culture. Over the course of decades, he has led teams providing thousands of loan reviews and performed hundreds of due diligence engagements focused on M&A and capital raising. Most recently he headed the DHG-Credit Risk Management division at the Dixon Hughes Goodman accounting firm. David holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, a M.S. from East Carolina University and multiple degrees from the American Bankers Association’s graduate lending schools.

IntelliCredit Larry Poole

Larry Poole

Director, IntelliCredit™

Larry brings over 12 years of lending, management consulting and business development experience to the company. With a strong background in credit underwriting and quantitative analysis, Larry leads the development of IntelliCredit’s various credit-centric analytical tools enabling institutions to better manage their loan portfolios. Previously Larry was responsible for strategic oversight and day-to-day loan portfolio management of CAHEC Capital, a CDFI-certified loan fund for one of the largest nonprofit regional tax credit equity syndicators in the United States. At Credit Risk Management, LLC (CRM) he was product leader for the company’s ALLL model and led 150+ data modeling engagements, plus bank loan reviews, across the Southeast. Larry also served as a Loan Officer / Lead Credit Analyst at a $1.0 billion community bank in Chicago, IL and completed LaSalle Bank N.A.’s (now BofA) formal credit training program. Larry is a graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in Business Administration.

Industry Experts

QwickRate Debbie Walker

Debbie Walker

Director of Regulatory and Compliance

Leading QwickRate's ongoing compliance efforts, Debbie Walker meets frequently with regulatory agencies and conducts conferences with state and national FDIC field examiners. Her ongoing regulatory research, combined with her product and market knowledge, enables Debbie to provide our members with valuable support –and optimize the benefits they gain from non-brokered funding and investing in the premier online CD Marketplace. Read more

QwickRate Greg Dingens

Greg Dingens

Chief Strategist, QwickAnalytics

Greg has a broad set of experiences related to community banking, particularly analyzing financial performance, both as an advisor and an investor. He has worked with and invested in hundreds of community banks, ranging from larger public bank holding companies to small private banks. Drawing on these diverse perspectives, Greg has played a leading role in developing QwickAnalytics, and works closely with our customers to drive the future direction of this value-added solution. He has over 25 years of investment banking experience and over 10 years of professional investing experience. Greg is a general partner in Siena Capital Partners I, L.P., a private investment fund that invests in community banks. Greg graduated magna cum laude in 1986 and earned Phi Beta Kappa honors from the University of Notre Dame, where he played varsity football and was a three-time Academic All-American. He graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1992.

QwickRate Steve Huntington

Steve Huntington

Director of QwickAnalytics Design & Development

Steve's expertise in the financial analysis of community banks and thrifts has been central to the development of QwickRate's analytics tools, as he works with our members to provide them with more effective and efficient ways to manage their institutions. He has spent 14 years working solely with community financial institutions, both public and private, across the United States. His experience in the community banking industry has been focused on strategic planning, valuation-related services, shareholder relations, M&A advisory and capital planning. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Information Technology

QwickRate David Krebsbach

David Krebsbach

IT Manager

In the more than 20 years that David Krebsbach has been with QwickRate, radical changes have occurred in information technology, and David has made a career of keeping up with and taking advantage of the opportunities those changes present. As our IT Manager, he is charged with the overall responsibility for the technology behind all our products. Long-time QwickRate CD Marketplace customers can credit David with leading the implementation of many innovations that continue to enhance our flagship product. Users of our newest, value-added services and products (QwickAnalytics, and others under development) have David to thank for the efficiency and speed with which they enjoy online access to a wealth of benefits. He leads a fantastic team of experienced developers and staff who make it their business to simplify our customers’ lives.

Our Satisfied Customers

“We’ve always been impressed with the customer service provided by QwickRate and the time they take to discuss options and ideas with us. They are a true partner in our business.“

Dirk Meminger, President & CEO
Sauk Valley Bank

“All of the customer service contacts I’ve ever had with you folks have been great. I love being able to pull items by insurance type and term for NCUA reports.“

Douglas Mountain, President/CEO
Legacy Federal Credit Union

“In QwickRate, we've found genuine people with concern for our training and understanding of the product, and their service is patient and effective. QwickRate has opened up a deposit market for funding our loan needs and matching maturities. What a great tool! What great people! Thank you.“

Alan Lierz, President/CEO
New Century Bank
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