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Simply and efficiently manage your credit risk profile.

As the U.S. moves deeper into the late stages of the current credit cycle, banks need more tools, analysis and strategies to detect emerging credit risk and stresses early, before serious deterioration and losses occur. IntelliCredit delivers—by making it efficient and affordable for banks of all sizes to proactively manage fluctuating credit risk, fuel game-changing mandatory loan reviews and curtail credit losses.

Now is the time for vigilance! And given the immediate credit impact of the coronavirus emergency, inventorying emerging portfolio risks, such as in the broadly impacted services industries, will be an investment in that vigilance.

Built by Credit Specialists

Unlike so many risk-focused fintech tools, IntelliCredit was created by true credit specialists whose decades of expertise in managing and analyzing credit risk inform every data point, chart and calculation.

Automate a more informed view of your bank's credit health.

  • Portfolio Analyzer – provides instant analysis and push-button reports of the bank's aggregate credit risk, based on both public and institution-specific data
  • Smart Loan Review – using an automated sample selector that considers embedded risk, rather than just individual loans, credit specialists employ a new and smarter method for meeting regulatory-mandated loan reviews
  • Loss Forecasting Capabilities – provides automated, statistical analyses that compute probabilities of default (PDs), losses given default (LGDs) and risk grade migrations that can be used to inform portfolio due diligences, discounted credit marks, stress tests and loan loss provisioning (per current and CECL standards)

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COVID-19 Loan Tracker: meet regulatory requirements and save time.

Transforming the way credit risk is managed.

IntelliCredit adds to QwickRate's array of solutions and services that enable any size institution to benefit from technology and expertise usually accessible only to the largest organizations. Uniquely, IntelliCredit delivers transformative tools that feature:

  • Blended data – Public and institution-specific loan portfolio data provide a rare view of both transactional and aggregate risk for game-changing loan reviews and broader portfolio analysis.
  • Built by credit specialists – Deep credit expertise lies behind every data point, chart and calculation, producing analysis and insights that reveal what credit risk specialists would want and need to see.
  • A strategic transformation – With emerging credit issues on the horizon, now is the time for a strategic alternative to decades-old methods of managing credit risk. IntelliCredit leads the way with comprehensive, affordable solutions that enable institutions of all sizes to early identify and proactively manage portfolio risk – tactics proven to reduce bank losses.

Rely on the service quality that only QwickRate and IntelliCredit provide.

  • 30+ years focused on serving community banks
  • Credit risk specialists to help inform your decisions
  • Great customer support from dedicated experts eager to help
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