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Powerful, time-saving analysis and tools for bankers.

Save money. Save time. Get the financial and competitive information you need, in just a few clicks. QwickAnalytics delivers compelling research, regulatory and analytical tools that any bank can afford. It’s online, interactive and gives you tools the big banks have – right at your fingertips!

ICBA Preferred Service Provider

Bankers use QwickAnalytics to…

  • Get immediate financial research on their institutions
  • Analyze competitors; see how to be stronger
  • Spot high-performance opportunities
  • Inform strategic planning
  • Utilize extensive data and delivered reports – no work needed!
    (performance, regulatory, etc.)
  • Inform and educate directors
  • Better prepare for examiners
  • Update shareholders
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Value-added Tools Designed for Community Bankers.
Easy. Online. Affordable.

QwickAnalytics Interactive Bank Research

Interactive Bank Research

How is your bank progressing? What about each of the 6,000 other US banks?

Get your bank’s Financial Story and easily assess the competition. Online. Anytime.

QwickAnalytics Bank & Peer Performance

Bank & Peer Performance

Benchmark your bank and peers. Analyze competition. See how trends are curving.

Use these performance reports, trends and comparisons – including custom peer groups you define – to help stay ahead.

QwickAnalytics Credit Stress Test

Regulatory Compliance

Perform easy CECL calculation. Do credit stress testing. Analyze liquidity risk.

Exceed examiner expectations with tools that save you time – including CECLSolver™, Credit Stress Test and more.

Our Satisfied Customers

“We first subscribed to QwickAnalytics back in 2014. We love the new functionality added like the dashboard, new market share tables and financial pages. We liked QwickAnalytics before, but these new features are amazing. QwickAnalytics is very responsive to customer requests and are always coming up with great new capabilities that we find very useful.“

Stu Campbell, CEO/President
Security State Bank of Kenyon

“QwickAnalytics is the easiest way we’ve found to keep up with our own financial performance and get a read on what’s driving our competition’s. The new online app is great at giving us a true picture of the bank and we’re pleased with the Credit Stress Test, which has been well received by examiners.“

Wayne Wong, Chief Lending Officer
Global Bank

“The major benefit to us is a reduction in cost. QwickAnalytics give us the information we need, in a concise, understandable format, plus the ability to create custom peer reports. Our previous provider’s reports were more expensive and had way more detail than we needed.“

Dan Ferriss, SVP/COO
Meramec Valley Bank
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