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The regulatory requirements for financial institutions stay in a constant state of change, and there’s always a chance that something in the non-stop flow of new provisions and guidance letters might apply to our products and customers. That’s why we have staff whose only job is to keep up with the applicable rules – and help our subscribers do the same.

As QwickRate adds new services and offerings, we continue to expand the regulatory expertise we share. In prior years, we focused mainly on non-brokered funding and investing. We now shed light on other matters ranging from credit stress testing to estimation of CECL losses to cybersecurity for community institutions.

Some of the ways we help make compliance easier.

Answers on call – 800.285.8626.
Have a question? Need some clarification? Give our team a call. Debbie Walker, our regulatory and compliance director, is here to help you with answers.

Your voice at the regulatory agencies.
Since originating the first non-brokered CD marketplace in 1988, QwickRate has been an untiring advocate on our subscribers’ behalf. We periodically meet with government agencies, contribute to industry studies and participate in roundtables at the FDIC’s request. This sharpens our ability to keep you informed about changes being considered and enacted.

Best practices, guides, templates and more.
We constantly stay on top of regulatory requirements, and your needs, so we can help you address them. From a funding Risk Management Workbook to compliance checklists and CD funding policy templates, we deliver a wealth of resources to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Value-added offerings to meet examiner expectations.
A variety of time-saving tools enable you to produce professional, examiner-ready reports with just a few clicks.

  • Marketplace QwickTools® – make monitoring and compliance simpler with automated accruals and month-end reporting, deposit and investment tracking, retention analysis and more.
  • QwickAnalytics Credit Stress Test Report – well received by oversight agencies and prepared in one click.
  • QwickAnalytics CECLSolver™ – powers your Q-factors by easily and instantly showing your historical and customized peer data – critical to your CECL analysis and measurement of expected losses.

And we’ll continue to create tools and reports that help you comply and save you time.

Webinars and industry conferences.
When applicable, we host webinars on regulatory compliance. Additionally, our own Debbie Walker frequently holds conferences with various state and national field examiners and speaks at industry functions.

Industry articles on a variety of subjects.
Look to QwickRate-authored articles for tips and guidance on a wide range of regulatory topics. These facts and insights are must-reads for everyone charged with meeting regulatory expectations. Go to Articles.

Debbie Walker, Director of Regulatory Compliance

Debbie Walker

Leading QwickRate’s ongoing compliance support initiatives, Debbie Walker meets frequently with regulatory agencies and conducts conferences with various state and national FDIC field examiners. Her grasp of regulatory policy and intensive research, combined with her product and industry knowledge, provide our subscribers with added value and help to optimize the benefits they receive from our solutions.

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Our Satisfied Customers

“QwickRate is critical to our funding strategy. It’s just so convenient to bring in deposits versus how many CDs we’d have to do in-bank with a CD special.“

Brenda Watson, Branch President/Senior Deposit Officer
First State Bank Nebraska

“Both the Federal Reserve and our state regulators have been very complimentary about our credit stress test. They remarked that the test made sense, is based on good logic, and is very easy to read and track.“

Perry Haralson, CFO
Cornhusker Bank
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