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What We Offer: QwickAnalytics Regulatory Compliance

Get examiner-ready in a click.

Regulators have made it clear that stress testing or sensitivity analysis of loan portfolios is a key component to sound risk management for banks of all sizes ( FIL-22-2012 ). We’re making it easier for you to comply - with Regulatory Compliance models that go way beyond the basics. You’ll be able to spend your time evaluating and planning, not gathering data and preparing analysis.

QwickAnalytics Regulatory Compliance includes:

Credit Stress Test
If you haven't been asked for a credit stress test yet, you will be. Our fully automated, scenario-based modeling enables you to quickly and easily assess your bank’s exposure to loan losses from major economic shifts – and estimate their impact on earnings and capital ratios.

  • Provide Directors, Management and Examiners with professional, easy-to-read reports – at the touch of a button.
  • Built-in, sophisticated algorithms and what-if modeling provide useful testing scenarios without requiring huge amounts of work on your part.
  • The Test creates multiple scenarios across the 3 required stress tests: Peer Group, Bank Experience and Reverse Stress Test.
  • Custom peer groups can be created.

Basel III Capital Planning Tool
Is your institution’s growth strategy Basel III compliant? Will you maintain adequate surplus capital throughout the entire Basel III transitional phase-in period, and if not, how much more do you really need to raise? Does your strategic plan take into account the new Capital Conservation Buffer transitional phase-in, or are you in danger of being restricted in paying out future shareholder distributions or executive bonuses?

The QwickAnalytics™ BASEL III Capital Planning Tool is a straightforward tool designed specifically to answer these exact questions and more.

  • Analyze multiple strategic growth, earnings, and capital raising scenarios so you can compare relative regulatory capital impacts.
  • Quickly and easily customize growth and income assumptions to tailor report to your needs.
  • Accounts for detailed changes in Tier 1 capital due to adjustments and deductions as they phase-in throughout their transitional period.
  • Calculates potential future limitations on dividends or payouts due to inadequate Capital Conservation Buffers.
  • Allows for the addition of new common, additional Tier 1, or Tier 2 equity or debt.

Reg F Snapshot
Summarizes recent and long-term financial performance trends and peer group comparisons in a concise, 2-page format. Meets requirements for Regulation F reporting on correspondent banks.

Meet examiner needs and improve risk management.   today.

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