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What We Offer: QwickAnalytics™ for Banks
Quickly and effectively assess performance and risk.

Provide management, directors and shareholders with the information they need to improve decisions and performance. QwickRate has made it much easier for your bank with automated summaries, analysis and comparisons available at the touch of a button. No more days of manual work collecting, crunching and formatting your data – or your peers’. QwickAnalytics handles it all for you.

Bank & Peer Performance - Just a few quick clicks is all it takes to get a summarized report of your bank's financial performance – analyzed and graphed against standard or fully customizable peer groups. See what regulators are seeing. Compare your historical trends to your peer group's trajectory, or run a current PeerWatch & PeerWatch Trends Report of your bank and up to 11 of your closest peers and competition - right on the same page. Get a concise Liquidity Risk Report or Reg F Snapshot. Extremely valuable for helping managers and directors track performance and identify trends. Learn more.

Regulatory Compliance – Satisfying regulatory requirements is becoming more and more challenging and time consuming for bank management teams. These QwickAnalytics models are designed specifically to meet examination and regulatory requirements, assist in your long-term strategic and capital planning functions, and help your institution make the conversion to the Basel III framework for financial reporting. Learn more.

with any questions. We’re always looking for ways to make your processes more efficient.

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