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CECL Coffee Talk Q&A

Friday, April 26 10:00am ET
Duration: 45 minutes

Grab a beverage and join our monthly 2024 CECL discussion series where we'll talk about the challenges banks are facing as they continue to comply with the CECL standard. In each session, we'll address the latest questions and concerns we've received from banks — including the reactions and expectations they are hearing from examiners/auditors. And we'll answer your questions in our interactive audience Q&A. We'll also discuss new CECLSolver features and other critical topics. Each session will be different, and you can attend one or all, whether you use our CECLSolver tool (part of QwickAnalytics) or not.

Loan Data Coffee Talk Q&A

Friday, May 3 10:00am ET
Duration: 45 minutes

In this Coffee Talk, we'll dive deeper into how clients are using IntelliCredit to respond to questions from regulators, their Board and management. With easy access to their loan data (something that is virtually impossible with their core system), we'll share how they are gaining a better understanding of the subsets and concentrations in their portfolios, and arming their team to proactively explain and defend their bank's position. Actual client scenarios will be presented. In addition, we'll discuss what you can expect when you take advantage of our 6-month fee trial including how our team will assist your bank in the process.

Solving Specific Bank Challenges with QwickAnalytics

Wednesday, May 8 2:00pm ET
Duration: 45 minutes

Attend to see how over 600 banks are using QwickAnalytics to solve common bank challenges. We'll walk you through specific case studies centered around standard and customizable Board Reporting, the Excel Add-in tool, Custom Peer Groups, and Industry Credit Research. We'll also share a brief overview of the tool's capabilities, including how it aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver compelling research, regulatory and analytical tools that any bank can afford—and all online. If you are currently on a very expensive platform for this type of data and analysis. . . and would prefer a more affordable solution . . . you'll definitely want to attend.

Q1 Results and Outlook: Survive in 2024, Thrive in 2025

Wednesday, May 15 2:00pm ET
Duration: 45 minutes

Community banks have a lot on their plate this year. Whether battling with liquidity, rising deposit costs, potential credit issues, or inefficiencies, banks are heads down and slogging through 2024 with the promise of a better 2025. Attend this quarterly performance webinar as our industry experts discuss the results for Q1, what we're hearing, and where there's cause for concern.


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