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Bank & Peer Performance
Access an instant, objective analysis of your financial results.

Get a comprehensive and objective analysis of your bank’s financial performance - presented in summary reports, graphs and peer comparisons – all at the touch of a button! Without any compilation or number crunching on your part, you'll have key current and historical information in a well-organized format that makes it easy to track performance, identify trends and spot opportunities for improvement.

QwickAnalytics Bank & Peer Performance includes: Bank Performance Report Card, PeerWatch & PeerWatch Trends, Liquidity Risk Report and Reg F Snapshot.

Critical insights – delivered quickly and easily

  • Get a summarized, objective analysis of your bank’s actual and relative performance in key areas.
  • Access a full performance report in a matter of seconds.
  • Set business goals and objectives with unprecedented clarity.
  • Provide meaningful comparisons using the Custom Peer Group Engine to create dynamic groups based on industry criteria or standard groups based on institutions you select.
  • Review the data your regulators use to assess your institution.
  • Effectively monitor/manage your business and improvement opportunities.
  • Leave the number crunching, analyzing, computing and compiling to us.

Management – drive strategies and decisions

  • Critical, objective evaluation of how your bank stacks up – ready in a click.
  • Full UBPR or custom peer group comparison tracks historical performance and includes peer analytics with percentage ranks and grades.
  • PeerWatch & PeerWatch Trends of your bank and up to 11 of your closest peers and competitors.
  • Liquidity Risk Report analyzes liquidity levels and trends compared to internal targets and regulatory preferences.
  • Reg F Snapshot provides instant 2-page analysis of recent and long-term performance for your bank, a correspondent bank or any other you choose. Perfect for meeting Reg F requirements.

Directors – educate and consistently communicate

  • Short, executive summary helps keep directors knowledgeable and educated.
  • Easy to understand graphs and summaries – even for non-financial directors.
  • Report Card helps banks comply with FDIC directives to inform and educate your board and verify the accuracy of results provided by management.

Shareholders – inform with ease

  • Communication tool for annual meeting or other events – operating metrics and health of the bank.
  • High-level or detailed summary with graphs and charts.

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