Meet Lacey

Lacey, our Happiness Ambassador.

She embarked on her career with us as a young pup, only 8 weeks old.

A Great Dane and even greater employee, Lacey reminds us of why we love working here. Her loyalty, energy and warm, wet nose make the whole team want to wag our tails.

Lacey's day begins early, stepping off the elevator and making her rounds to beloved coworkers. Always willing to lend a paw, her strengths include getting treats, NOT chasing the UPS man (in fact, almost leaving with him a few times), and doggedly riding the elevator.

Lacey's career has grown quickly. At a standing height of 5' 10'' and weighing in at 140 pounds, she reaches any goal she sets for herself - for example, effortlessly drinking out of the water fountain. Lacey is the consummate multi-tasker, snuggling up to employees one moment, then sniffing out first-time visitors who, of course, mistake her for a small horse. Best of all, she never complains about lunch clean-up.

No wonder Lacey collared the starring role in all our video productions.

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