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Get threat intelligence now. Thwart cyber attacks ahead.

Is your bank’s data really protected from cyber attacks? Not if you’re focusing on security gaps only after incidents occur. Today, banks must guard in advance against the ever-changing cyber invasions looming in your future. QwickSentry stands ready to help – because you can never be too proactive. Or too safe.

Preempt malicious invasions and dangerous intrusions.

QwickRate has teamed with the experts at G2S Global to serve as a force multiplier for your internal IT resources. You can rely on our holistic QwickSentry solution and decades of cyber security experience for:

  • Reconnaissance and threat intelligence about human activity and your technology footprint so you can operate from a proactive security position
  • Full-spectrum threat analysis that provides a 360o view of potential invasion points
  • Deep and dark web expertise that leverages tremendous knowledge of historical incidents, bad-actor methods, black market analysis and more
  • Threatinsights with context specific to your business and operation, including the estimated financial impact of a potentially successful cyber assault
  • Strategic decisionsupport driven by unprecedented knowledge of vendors’ security lapses, benchmarking results, attacker reconnaissance tactics and other essential input

How we help.

  • Perform threat assessments to provide a valid cyber risk profile specific to your bank
  • Continuously scan your network footprint to detect internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Monitor the deep and dark web to uncover illicit exploitation of your data assets
  • Uncover the security impact of 3rd-party systems and personnel, aided by a secure vendor management program
  • Remediate security gaps as quickly as possible to contain possible damage
  • Employ proactive reconnaissance, usingthe same methods as hackers, to prevent infiltrations
  • Present results and warnings in your QwickSentry Dashboard so you can review and take action

Proactively stay on top of your threat position with QwickSentry Dashboard.

QwickSentry Dashboard

QwickSentry Dashboard stands guard to keep your bank and customer data safe.

FFIEC Cyber Threat Assessment Tool
Complete and update your network’s threat assessment online, anytime. Data automatically feeds into our proprietary Threat Collection Engine to measure your risk in areas ranging from email and credentials to web applications, infrastructure software and hardware security.

Vulnerability Analysis
Get a handle on vulnerabilities waiting to be targeted – both in internal and external systems. QwickSentry will find security gaps and suspicious anomalies, calculate your bank’s security risk rating and compare your bank’s threat profile to your peers’.

Threat Indications and Warnings
Get early warnings of credible cyber threats and the severity of their possible impact. Use our Threat Impact Rating to measure your bank’s security preparedness and plan accordingly.

Threat Quantification
Gauge the financial impact of a potentially successful attack. Our Threat Quantification tool uses proprietary analytics to provide threat-by-threat financial impact calculations that are rooted in machine learning and historical loss analysis.

Secure Vendor Program
View customized threat intelligence collected on critical vendors, including hardware/software evaluations and confirmed threats/breaches. Take appropriate corrective action based on risk severity.

We use reconnaissance like hackers do – and beat them to the punch.

Too many banks spend the bulk of their cyber security efforts on reacting to breaches that have already occurred. QwickSentry helps you avert cyber threats to come. For example, our experts mimic the same reconnaissance methods that criminals use to find weaknesses in your network. They can easily see those entry points. We can, too. And we have powerful ways to help you close the gaps.

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