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What We Offer: Other Investors

Make the right connections.

QwickRate provides direct access to a premier CD marketplace of more than 3,000 institutions for investing. Our online marketplace quickly connects you with institutions from all over the country so that you can get the best rates for your investments — without incurring third party, rate stripping or broker fees. And, with our automated , the entire process is fast, easy and paperless.

Higher returns without higher risk

  • Make connections with pre-screened, FDIC-insured institutions that are active and motivated to work with you.
  • Highest nationwide CD rates.
  • Unlimited transactions with no placement or hidden fees.

QwickToolssave you significant time

  • Easy-to-use tools put you in control and speed the entire process.
  • Unique eContact offer and acceptance feature eliminates paper, phone calls and faxes.
  • CIP documents attached to all eContact Inquiries.
  • Rate Alerts notify you when high rates enter market. Eliminates double placement risk.
  • Automated portfolio tracking, accruals and reporting.

Expert service exactly when you need us

  • Unlimited support from our knowledgeable and highly-responsive team.
  • Rapid start-up program includes import of your current portfolio.
  • Customers give us a 98% satisfaction rating.

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