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Thursday, December 13 11:00am ET register now
Duration: 45 minutes.

We know that you have to deal with a multitude of issues these days: rising interest rates, greater loan demand, regulatory challenges, etc. Here's one item to cross off your worry list: a diversified funding mix. QwickRate makes it easy to add non-brokered CDs as a reliable source for current and future deposits. Every bank needs to diversify, and this webinar explains how you can simplify the process with QwickRate, the nation's premier marketplace for non-brokered CDs. More than 3,000 QwickRate subscribers connect here for funding and investing - using automated QwickTools that save time and eliminate paperwork. Register now for the 45-minute inside tour.

CECL CAN BE SIMPLE! Learn how with our NEW CECLSolverTM

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Tuesday, January 15 2:00pm ET register now
Duration: 30 minutes.

Thursday, January 17 11:00am ET register now
Duration: 30 minutes.

The complexity and volume of conversation around the new CECL accounting standard, and the variety of potential solutions, may seem daunting...but it doesnt have to be. The method that is ultimately selected will be driven by your bank's complexity and loss experience, available data, ease of use, cost and time commitment. Choosing a process that is overly complex, unwieldy and/or costly will fail for internal reasons, regardless of the loan experiences. That's why we designed CECLSolver, a new solution for community banks. Join us for this webinar as we demo and explain how it enables you to utilize simple yet highly relevant peer data, add it to your own bank's experience, and perform a very informed and defensible CECL analysis that's completely sufficient for most community banks. CECLSolver powers your Q-factors by easily and instantly showing your historical data and customized peer data - critical to your CECL analysis. Attend this webinar to learn more and put an end to CECL analysis paralysis.

QwickAnalytics: New CECL Readiness Tool & Product Overview

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Wednesday, February 6 2:00pm ET register now
Duration: 45 minutes.

Thursday, February 7 11:00am ET register now
Duration: 45 minutes.

Get a brief tour of QwickAnalytics including our new CECL Estimator Tool. It's simple, easy, practical and modeled specifically for Community Banks. AND we're offering a free 90-day trial of QwickAnalytics with access to CECL and all the analysis, reporting and research tools. See just how easy they are as this webinar shows you around the solution. With QwickAnalytics, any size bank and/or holding company can access their financial story and those of their competitors - online, with just a few clicks. Comprehensive data, metrics and trends on your bank and peers are presented in formats that are easy to use and understand. You'll also get a look at the CECL Estimator Tool, Credit Stress Test and PeerWatch Trends Report. A single subscription provides unlimited access (and benefits!) for your management team and directors. Register now. You need to see it to believe how easy and affordable analysis can be.


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